Ingo Albrecht is a travel and reportage photographer with a particular focus on cultures and people.

As a graduate historian, he’s interested in the political and social background of a country; as a person, in personal encounters, dreams and stories; and as a photographer, in the authentic documentation of places and moments in all of their sparkle and darkness.

Ingo Albrecht has lived, studied and worked in Zurich, Moscow, Hamburg and Buenos Aires. He feels most comfortable while on adventurous trips around the world: in the beds of old pickup trucks, in dark, crowded pubs in Tokyo or in a simple wooden hut on the outskirts of a jungle village.

He studied photography at MAZ and GAF in Switzerland and at ICP in New York. Contract work for NGOs has taken him to Asia several times, and his freelance work has appeared in magazines such as Photographie, Foto Magazin or Lonely Planet Traveller. Ingo Albrecht holds a bronze award in portraiture by Prix de la Photographie Paris and in reportage by the Federation of European Photographers.